Album Notes


Star Jaws

Star Jaws (4:32)
Steve Bartek: basses
Peter Gordon: clarinet
Tony Johnson: drums
Maggi Payne: flute
“Blue” Gene Tyranny: Clavinet, polyMoog synthesizer

I’m Dreaming in the Sun and Dreaming in the Moon (lyric by Kathy Acker) (4:24)
Steve Bartek: bass, acoustic guitar
Peter Gordon: vocals, alto sax, piano
Tony Johnson: drums
Lynne Morrow: backup vocals
Maggi Payne: flute
Jane Sharp: backup vocals
Arthur Stidfole: bassoon
“Blue” Gene Tyranny: RMI electric piano
Karl Young: clarinet, tenor sax

Machomusic (7:24)
Steve Bartek: guitar, bass
Peter Gordon: tenor saxes
Tony Johnson: drums

Intervallic Expansion (9:50)
Steve Bartek: bass, guitar
Peter Gordon: alto and tenor saxes
Tony Johnson: drums
“Blue” Gene Tyranny: clavinet

Life is Boring (lyric by Peter Gordon) (4:57)
Steve Bartek: bass, guitar
Chuck Clark: tenor sax
Rich Gold: kazoo
Peter Gordon: vocals, alto sax
Tony Johnson: drums
Steve MacKay: baritone sax
Lynne Morrow: backup vocals
Maggi Payne: flute
Jane Sharp: backup vocals
“Blue” Gene Tyranny: RMI electric piano, clavinet

Lullabye (lyric by Kathy Acker) (7:42)
Peter Gordon: piano, polyMoog synthesizer
Jane Sharp: vocals

Produced by Peter Gordon and “Blue” Gene Tyranny.
Recorded by “Blue” Gene Tyranny.
Mixed by Peter Gordon.
Additional recording by Kenn Beckman and Peter Gordon.
Tony Johnson and Steve MacKay appear courtesy of Amherst Records.

Recorded at The Recording Studio, Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College (Oakland, CA), September 11-30, 1977.

Jacket design by Ariel Peeri.

Special thanks to Kathy Acker, Lt. Col. Ron Al-Robboy, Laurie Anderson, Bob Ashley, Jed Bark, David Behrman, Nick Bertoni, Rhys Chatham, Jane Crawford, William Farley, Mimi Johnson, Jill Kroesen, Arthur Russell, Kermit Smith, Performing Artservices, Inc., The Kitchen Center.

This album is dedicated to the artists in the Love of Life Orchestra: Kathy Acker, Ernie Brooks, Rhys Chatham, Kenneth Deifik, Ed Friedman, Scott Johnson, Jill Kroesen, Arthur Russell, Dave Van Tieghem, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, and Peter Zummo.

All music composed and arranged by Peter Gordon, published by Broken Promises Music Publishers (ASCAP).
© P 1977 Lovely Music, Ltd.

LML 1031