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Feldman in Middelburg

Words on Music: Lectures and Conversations, Vols 1 & 2

edited by Raoul Mörchen

English-German Edition in two volumes
906 pages


Editor’s Preface by Raoul Mörchen

A Wealth of Insights
Preface by Gisela Gronemeyer and Reinhard Oehlschlägel

Feldman’s Time
by Ernstalbrecht Stiebler


Half-Closed and Half-Opened
Conversation with Misha Mengelberg, 29 June 1985

“I’m reassembling all the time”
Lecture, 2 July 1985

“I stopped asking questions”
Introduction to For Philip Guston, 3 July 1985


“Sublimation is the word”
Lecture, 2 July 1986

“Appearance is not reality”
Lecture, 3 July 1986

A Haunted House with No Ghosts
Conversation with Louis Andriessen, 3 July 1986

“I had nothing to lose”
Master Class, 4 July 1986

The Barrier of Style
Conversation with Iannis Xenakis, 4 July 1986

“How do we write our own music?”
Master Class, 5 Juli 1986

About Craftmanship
Lecture by Bunita Marcus, 5 July 1986

“Doing it one way and doing it another way”
Lecture, 6 July 1986


“How do we know what we don’t know?”
Lecture, 1 July 1987

On Stefan Wolpe
Conversation with Geoffrey Douglas Madge, 1 July 1987

Between Disney and Mondrian
Lecture, 2 July 1987

Neither European Nor American
Conversation with Konrad Boehmer, 2 July 1987

Why All the Mystery About Composition?
Lecture, 3 July 1987

Do We Really Need Electronics?
Conversation with Kaija Saariaho, 3 July 1987

“I am interested in the commitment”
Conversation with Frits Lagerwerff, 4 July 1987

“I’m not negative, I’m critical”
Lecture, 4 July 1987


Sessions related to Feldman during the festivals “Nieuwe Muziek” 1985–1987

List of Works


Edition MusikTexte, Koln

First Edition with index
Köln 2007, English-German edition, 576 pages.
Preface by Dieter Schnebel.

LM BK009
ISBN 3-9803151-8-5

€50.00 (from MusikTexte)