"Blue" Gene Tyranny

A CD of works for solo piano. "Thirty-five of the 36 songs in this 'audio storyboard' are individually built around an atmospheric primary chord, counter-rhythms, and a body of notes which creates a potential melody that unfolds bit by bit. 'The Driver's Son' is scored for a narrator, a chorus of 5 people creating 15 voices, an electronically modified orchestra of folk and concert instruments and parts for a lighting designer and a live video animator known as The Guide. The realization for electro-magnetically stimulated piano (1993) heard here employs feedback circuit devices, designed by composer David Meschter, that initiate subtle sustaining tones when placed on the strings. The slowly appearing, ethereal sounds in this piece are 'artificial harmonics' that resonate high in the piano strings when one chord is silently depressed and another chord of the same form but a half-step lower is loudly struck and quickly released. 36 of these, interlaced with 36 'natural harmonics,' were recorded and then the initial loud attack was removed with computer editing. This procedure left a bed of subtle, non-corporeal sounds that seem to lie on the surface of the strings like a cloud, and allowed listeners to hear sounds that normally are only perceived by the pianist sitting a few feet away from the strings."

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Song No. 1, "Reset," from The Driver's Son, take one (8:22)
2. Remember to Say This (0:38)
3. The Drifter, free reading (7:40)
4. A Letter from Home, the harmonic branching (9:33)
5. Wish I Had Said That (L'Esprit de l'escalier) (0:40)

6. Song No. 1, from The Driver's Song, take two (7:18)
7. Meditation: Nothing's Changed, Everything's Changed (9:17) (Art of the States website)
8. Study for Song No. 34, "Empathy," from The Driver's Son (6:49)
9. Spirit (7:10)

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