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Fast Forward

Fast Forward, percussion

Fast Forward's primary instrument on this CD is the steel drum or pan, but he may use any percussion instrument: a coil of flat metal, a bathtub, temple bells. He rolls a ball around the concave surface of the pan, once after filling it with water. With relatively simple means, chosen by a playful and imaginative mind, Forward creates a sound that is rich and surprisingly delicate, unfolding engaging melodies that leave an acoustic afterglow -- like a shimmering veil, suggesting the mesmerizing appearance of the northern lights.

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Pomp and Circumstance (4:57)
2. Craftmatic (5:04)
3. Rollerball (1:28)

4. The Dream State (solo version) (4:21)
5. Red Dance (2:07)
6. Precious Metals (2:11)
7. Harpo (1:29)
8. The Big Wind (4:32)
9. Waterball (1:53)
10. Crusader in the Groove (Once Back) (4:25)
11. Stix (9:49)
12. Flip Flop (1:40)
13. The Bullroarers (2:11)

CD 2091
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