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His Tone of Voice

His Tone of Voice

Thomas Buckner

Works by "Blue" Gene Tyranny, His Tone of Voice at 37, Mel Graves, Meditations on Truth, and Jacques Bekaert, Orfeo

Thomas Buckner, baritone. With Jeffrey Berman, vibraphone; Josef Bergstaller, trumpet; Jay Elfeinbein, contrabass; Ethel (Todd Reynolds and Mary Rowell, violins, Ralph Farris, viola, Dorothy Lawson, cello); Mel Graves, contrabass; Benjamin Herrington, trombone; Leroy Jenkins, solo violin; Joseph Kubera, harpsichord; Jacqueline LeClair, oboe; Ted Mook, cello; Bill Ruyle, bowed marimba; Stefani Starin, flute; “Blue” Gene Tyranny, piano; and Christopher Berg, conductor for His Tone of Voice at 37.

On this collection, Thomas Buckner brings us three works about man’s spiritual quest for truth and goodness. The central character in “Blue” Gene Tyranny’s collection of songs, His Tone of Voice at 37, realizes something that he had always known, but forgot that he knew—a secret that frees him to search for a place where there are no more wars or suffering. Mel Graves draws his inspiration for Mediations on Truth from the poems of the 15th-Century Sufi poet, Kabir, whose style was at once, irreverant yet intensely spiritual. Jacques Bekaert brings us the story of the gentle Orfeo, who has become a symbol of marital fidelity, non-violence, and of the artist whose greatest ambition is to make the world a better place.

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Track Listing:

1. His Tone of Voice at 37, by "Blue" Gene Tyranny (15:13)

2. Mediations on Truth, by Mel Graves (26:38)
3. Orfeo, by Jacques Bekaert (24:06)

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