Leroy Jenkins

Leroy Jenkins plays violin and viola in a concert recorded live at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe.


"Among improvising violinists, Leroy Jenkins is preeminent where innovation, imagination and individualism are considered. Not only has he expanded the improvising violinist's palette via extended technique, but his sound and approach are unique. This solo concert recording can be seen as a follow-up to the much-admired 1977 India Navigation (IN 1028) LP, "Solo Concert." Leroy Jenkins is an artist to be treasured. He makes music of great depth, passion and intellectual substance. The Santa Fe audience experienced the special magic of a Leroy Jenkins solo concert on October 24, 1992. Now, with this compact disc, you can too."
— Carl Baugher

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Blues #1 (6:42)
2. Um Cha Chi Chum (3:58)
3. Hipnosis (3:37)
4. Big Wood (7:48)

5. Folk Song (5:41)
6. Off the Top of My Head (4:52)
7. Wouldn't You (D. Gillespie) (3:27)
8. Dive for The Oyster, Dip for The Pearl (4:15)
9. Keep on Trucking Brother (2:50)
10. Festival Finale (5:31)
11. Giant Steps (J. Coltrane) (4:07)

CD 3061
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