songs of a different sort

Jacqueline Humbert

Chanteuse is a collection of new or previously unreleased songs, many of which were written for me by a broad range of contemporary American composers. My performance style resides somewhere between musical speech and melodic interpretation in a lyrical, poetic approach to the articulation of words, capitalizing on their inherent sound shapes, vernacular and colloquial origins, and intricate vocal rhythms. (Really!) I am fortunate to have such a wonderful variety of works to present in this collection, all of which extend, reinterpret, and re-conceive what we think of as belonging to the musical genre, song. (JH)

Since the early 1970s, Humbert has collaborated as performer, visual artist, and designer with leading innovative artists, filmmakers, choreographers and composers worldwide. Her approach to vocal performance has influenced many composers, and the works in "Chanteuse" represent a new and exciting extension and reinterpretation of the "song" genre.

Album Notes

Track Listing:

1. Sam Ashley, Mosquitolove (5:46)
2. David Rosenboom, Attunement (4:25)
3. Joan La Barbara, Via Dolorita, street of sorrows, street of sighs (4:06)
4. Robert Ashley, Don’t Get Your Hopes Up (6:32)
5. George Manupelli, Short Subject (2:28)
6. Jacqueline Humbert, Profile (6:55)

7. James Tenney, Listen…! (4:29)
8. Larry Polansky, A Pregnant Pause (2:26)
9. Alvin Lucier, Lullaby (4:42)
10. Gustavo Matamoros, Peace Piece (7:21)
11. Robert Ashley, Empty Words (3:08)
12. Katrina Krimsky, Grace (2:38)
13. Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom, Adieu 3:28)
14. Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom, Oasis in the Air (6:03)

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