Megaton for Wm. Burroughs/The Dresden Interleaf/Music from the Venezia Space Theater

Gordon Mumma

Gordon Mumma, horn and electronics

The works found on this album dates from the 1960s and represent the efforts of a man to invent uniquely different sounds and music during a time when the best available tools to work with were audio testing oscillators, tape machines, and home-made mixing, filtering and processing gizmos. Mumma builds his own instruments, and often does so with an express purpose or specific piece of music in mind. This is also a body of music that defies categorization. He works outside of the norm, designing and experimenting as much with the structure of his music as he does with the creation of his electrical devices. He composes for impact, touching the sensibilities that we all possess for reacting to sound. Since the common theme of the works on this album is war, the images tend to be stark and profoundly disturbing.

You can listen to Megaton for Wm. Burroughs here.

LP 1091

LP out of print. No longer available.

See CD 1093