Gordon Mumma

Gordon Mumma, cybersonic console; David Tudor, bandoneon; Pauline Oliveros & Gordon Mumma, bandoneon duo

The three compositions on this recording feature the bandoneon, a polyphonic, metal-reed instrument of the concertina family. Mesa, originally commissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, is performed here by David Tudor, bandoneon, with Gordon Mumma, cybersonic console. Pontpoint utilizes the bandoneon and a bowed psaltery, a multi-stringed zither, the sounds of both instruments being modified with "cybersonic" procedures developed by the composer. Fwyyn, a bandoneon duo by Oliveros and Mumma, is the only work on the recording in which the natural acoustical sound of the instrument is heard.

LP 1092

LP out of print. No longer available.

See CD 1093