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George Lewis

His latest album, "Chicago Slow Dance," enlists three longtime collaborators: Douglas Ewart and J.D. Parran, winds, and Richard Teitelbaum, a well-known electronic composer in his own right. To this, Mr. Lewis adds his skills as a trombonist and electronic composer.

The results, in their quiet, intense way, are enthralling. Mr. Lewis has long been concerned with adducing aspects of the black experience without being blatant or self-conscious about the process. ''Chicago Slow Dance'' has passages that suggest village drumming and mournful dialogues between voice-like brass instruments. But the music is far from being an ethnic pastiche.
— John Rockwell, The New York Times

The live in the studio 44-minute piece of Chicago Slow Dance (1977) for a quartet ... presented an eerie landscape of short repetitive horn phrases, insect-like percussive noises, siren-like drones, sparse slow dirges, warped psychedelic timbres, pastoral flute melodies.
Piero Scaruffi

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LP 1101
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