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Jill Kroesen

Jill Kroesen with Peter Gordon, David Van Tieghem, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Bill Laswell, George Lewis, Arthur Russell, and others; produced by Peter Gordon

The subjects of Kroesen's songs range from the old Wayne Hayes sex scandal to Alexander the Great, to tunes of personal and political exploitation. On the first side she rocks, rolls, wails, and whines her way through songs with spunky, sometimes bizarre arrangements by Peter Gordon and Kroesen. The mood is now romantic, now introspective, now rollicking, with titles like Honey, You're So Mean and I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here, not to mention the thought provoking I'm Sorry I'm Such A Weenie. The second side is contemplative, including I'm Just A Human Being.

Album Notes

LP 1501
Lovely Price: $25.00